Different Usage of Deer Antler Spray

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I have heard many things about the deer antler spray, how beneficial is for the health and for those who are trying to build lean muscle mass. However, I was wondering what it was made from and what are the expect health benefits, because I was planning to buy it to in order to enhance my health. So, I started to read and in time I understood what actually is and for what I can use it.

So, Deer antler spray is velvet extracted from a deer’s antlers. The velvet is a covering that is growing on the bone and the cartilage, which is made into antlers.

People all around the world, in the past and in present, are using the deer velvet for medicinal purposes in order to solve a great number of health problems.

I was amazed by what I read about the spray and you will be too. The spray has the ability to boost your strength and the endurance, reduce stress, improved immune system, and fast recovery from many illnesses and also it is used in the beginning of the winter to reduce the infections that can occur.

Uncountable Heath Benefits

Additional treatments that can be done with the deer antler spray are, controlling high blood pressure and high blood sugar, treatment for asthma, headache and migraines, muscle pain, liver and kidney disorder, osteoporosis, cold feet and hands, weakness and soreness in the knees and lower back and much, much more. Like plus to all of this, that many of you will be most satisfied with is the ability to promote youthfulness, reacts as a protector of the liver, better circulation of the blood and it is increasing the amount of the red blood cells.

Deer antler spray it is also a solution for those who are fighting with intercourse problems. The velvet this time has the ability to increase the levels of some sex hormones, testosterone and estrogen, in addition, will result it more sexual activities and better fertility, and helps in treating erectile dysfunction. However, for women, the deer velvet is reducing he estrogen that they need for a hormone replacement therapy and it can be used to reduce the menopause and menstrual problems, uterine bleeding and vaginal discharges.


• Boosting endurance and strength
• Muscle pains and aches
• Works as an aphrodisiac for more sexual activity
• Better immune
• Controlling High cholesterol
• Controlling High blood pressure
• Indigestion
• Acne
• Cancer
• Asthma
• Other conditions

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The only natural supplement without side effects

Finding a supplement that will provide you an overall health is very difficult because today there are many manufacturers that are not producing high quality supplements. So, almost all of the supplements will give you side effects that can be very bad for your body. If you don’t want to end up getting side effects instead of health benefits, then the only high quality natural supplement is the deer antler spray.

Physical Benefits

The deer antler spray will provide you with many physical as well as mental benefits. Some of the physical benefits are the building of lean muscle mass, reduces pain in the joints and other injuries and as well as faster recovery. Plus, the IGF-1 helps in slowing the aging process and will give you the benefit of anti-aging,

Mental Benefits

When it comes to mental, the chances to have amnesia and other memory problems are gone. Also, your brain will function better, which means you will be faster at remembering things and you will get more intelligent after some period of usage. It is great for those that most of the day is in stress, and with the deer antler spray the stress will be reduced.

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The IGF in the Deer Antler Spray

Deer Antler Spray has become one of the most used supplements in the world. Most people that are engaged in sports, bodybuilding and working out, but also people who are searching to improve their health and immune system. But, what do you think why deer antler spray is so great? What is deer antler velvet?

The velvet is made from the antlers of male deer when the antler is soft and fuzzy. It is a testosterone performance enhancer that is used to heal cartilage and injuries more quickly as well as for boosting endurance and strength.
Every year new antlers are produced by the deer. Anyway, the performance that is taken to extract the velvet from the antlers is no harming the deer. In New Zealand and Australia, when the antlers are ready for extraction, the deer is put to sleep and this procedure is supervised by veterinarians who are licensed and who are experienced. Usually, the antlers are cut off to the base and it will return to its size again about 55 to 65 days. This procedure is done in December in the Southern Hemisphere and in June in the Northern Hemisphere.

What makes the deer antler velvet special is the growth hormone which is called IGF-1; it is insulin-like growth hormone.

Why growth hormone is important?

The liver and the brain are creating the growth hormone, and this is controlling how your body grows. If there is not enough growth hormones then a dwarfism can occur, but if there is too much then acromelagy, a gigantism. In this case when it is taken as a deer anther spray supplement it is giving great benefits.

What is IGF?

The IGF is naturally occurring in every human body. The IGF is controlling many cellular processes and helps the cells to grow. So, by taking a deer antler spray you will be helping your cells grow, which means more lean muscle mess and more strength.


This type of IGF is helping in tissue growth, which means also muscle growth. But, it is not just about the muscles, it brings great health benefits too, like organ health, regulates blood sugar levels, regeneration of nerve cells and helps in absorption of Chondroitin Sulphate and Glucosamine. This growth factor has 70 amino acids that are connected in a single chain and with 3 intermolecular bridges.


The IGF-2 is supporting the development and also the function of organs like kidney, brain and liver and helps in tissue growth. Naturally, this growth factor is made by the kidneys, muscle, pancreas and the brain.

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Deer Antler Spray will increase your energy

Low energy

To have low energy is very hard to pass the day. I wasn’t able to stay all they without taking short naps from time to time and I didn’t have the energy to go for a walk on a fresh air. I am an older person, I have 65 years and I turned to many supplements in order to help me enhance my energy and to improve my life. So, one day, one of my friends told me about the deer antler spray and how it can give me more energy. My friend didn’t want to buy it, but I did and I start to use it immediately.

I got my life back

Now I am using it more than 8 months and I just can’t explain the benefits that I am having from the spray. I totally forgot how it is to have low energy, because now I am full of it and I don’t need those naps to pass the day and I can go for long walks without getting tired. I got my life back and all the time was in just one spray, the deer antler spray. When my friend saw the results of the spray he started to use it too. We both didn’t get any side effects.

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Deer antler spray – supplement for anti-aging

Most of us know about the deer antler spray as a helper in building muscle mass and recovery from injuries, but is there more than building muscles in this spray. Well, there is, and it is even better. As I was getting older I started to have more and more wrinkles and I just wanted for them to be gone, or at least to slow down the process if possible. That is why I have turned to many supplements, but as I read that they can have side effects I just backed down.

Stay younger longer

After some time, when I wasn’t expecting, I read an article about the deer antler spray that can help in lowering the process of aging without any side effects. Many of the stars have used it for the same reason and I didn’t have an idea for that. The spray actually regenerating the cells, gives strength and it is working great for anti-aging effect. The best part was that it is all natural and no side effects will occur when using.

We are all aware that getting older is a natural process and it can’t be avoided, but at least it can be slowed down. We are ageing because of the disorder of the organs and cells that are happening over time. Because of the antioxidants and as free radical protector and the important part the IGF- hormone is slowing down the process.
Overall benefits from the deer antler spray

• Fast recovery of Damaged Nerves and Muscles
• Stabilizing Iron Levels
• Preventing Anemia
• Weight Loss
• Anti-aging & Cell Repair
• Boost Mental & Memory Skills
• Prevention of Cold & Flu
• Increase Immune System Function
• Restore Joint Health
• Normalizing Blood Pressure
• Improving Male and Female Libido
• Reducing Cholesterol

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